Top 5 tips – Picture Pefect Padova

By night Padova is just as charming as it is in the light of day. In the Piazza dei signori there are a few nice bars but it is also a great reference point to depart from if you’d like to explore the bars and cafes along the side streets. Otherwise it’s just a great place to gaze thoughtfully at the moon and the dimly lit facade of St. Clemente church. Well that’s what I did anyway.

10 things to do in Zaragoza, Spain

Zaragoza? Where? I’ll admit that when I decided I was going to be an au pair in Zaragoza I needed a little help from Google maps to find out where exactly in Spain it was. However, although it’s not the first choice for tourists it is still a beautiful city and is perfectly situated betweenContinue reading “10 things to do in Zaragoza, Spain”

10 reasons to travel

Having been inspired by a post I read on  5 reasons to travel while you’re young I decided to dedicate a page to my top ten reasons to traverse the globe….at any age! 1) To experience new cultures and customs – I think we are all guilty of being a bit stuck in our ways sometimes andContinue reading “10 reasons to travel”