Me in Viareggio, Italy (2013)

Curious Tiger Travel is a travel blog for those who are wild with wanderlust.

I set up my first travel blog back in 2014 when I did a year abroad as part of my Modern Languages degree.

I loved writing about my top 10 tips for day trips, my musings on the beauty of Italian cities and sharing my travel pics.

At the end of that year when I returned to the UK I expanded to cover more topics such as Mental health, Dating, Cats and Music since I wasn’t travelling that much anymore.

However in 2018 I officially retired that blog. You can still check it out here.

In July 2020 I became an Independent Travel Agent; an opportunity which would allow me to receive income from booking other people’s travel but also earn commission back on my own trips! It’s a win-win!

I decided to set up this blog where I could document all of the amazing travels that awaited me.

So dive in and explore the world with me!

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